Reliance Best, Acorn Brewery, Yorkshire, 3.8% £3.10
Roosters, Knaresborough, Yorkshire. Rotating selection of Rooster's session pale ales, £3.30
Freedom 4, UK, 4.0% £4.05
Beavertown Neck Oil, UK, 4.3% £5.25
Erdinger Weissbier, Germany, 5.3% £5.25
Lindeboom, Netherlands, 5.0% £5.75
Bacchus Framboise, Belgium, 5.0% ½ pint - £3.60

Various local craft ales and ciders prices vary
Guest kegged ale, various weekly changing brews

Bottled Beers
Tsing Tao, China, 4.7% £4.10
Jupiler, Belgium, 5.2% £4.10
Vedett Blonde, Belgium, 5.2% £4.40
Orval, Belgium, 6.2% £4.95
Duvel, Belgium, 8.5% £5.70
Liefmans Kriek, Belgium, 6.0% £5.80
Duchesse do Bourgogne, Belgium, 6.2% £5.70
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, 5.6% £4.8

Westons Wyldwood Organic Cider, UK, 6.5% £4.95
Pure North bottled ciders, Holmfirth, Yorkshire £5.30

A wide selection of of guest bottled ales, constantly changing.  See below for latest selection.

Guest Bottled Beers
Last updated April 2016

BUXTON | SAISON | 5.8% | Buxton, UK £4.75
Fresh as a barefoot stroll in a morning meadow and bursting with citrus zest

MAD HATTER | PENNY LANE PALE | 3.9% | Liverpool, UK £4.80
Our favourite new brewery in recent memory.  All Mad Hatter beers are funked-up with a healthy dose of wild yeast for that irresistable juicy tang.

SIERRA NEVADA | HOP HUNTER | 6.2% | California, USA £4.95
Hops of every shape and form crammed in to this IPA at every stage of the brewing process resulting in mouth-puckering bittersweet delight.

GYPSY INC. | PALE TRAIL | 4.7% | Copenghagen, Denmark £5.70
The latest addition to the ever-suave Danish craft gang; Pale Trail is as bright and crisp as a Copenhagen sunrise.

MIKKELLER | WHEAT IS THE NEW HOP | 6% | Copenhagen, Denmark £5.80
Brettanomyces-laden IPA brewed with wheat to add some spice and bubblegum notes.  And a Mikkeller beer for under £6!  What the hell is going on?

ODELL | IPA | 7% | Fort Collins, Colorado £5.60
It's hard to think of many IPAs to top this incredibly accomplished example.  Piny, oily hops; a huge malty body and all in perfect balance.

ZAPATO | LORD FRANCIS | 4.9% | Leeds, UK £4.90
Matt Goreki is a good pal of The Reliance and Zapato is his latest project.  Here we've a lively brew in the classic Extra Special Bitter-style.  Brewed in tiny quantities!

SIREN | BROKEN DREAM | 6.5% | Berkshire, UK £5.60
A thick, sumptious oatmeal stout with notes of black coffee and the darkest of dark chocolates.

MIKKELLER | MILK STOUT | 6% | Copenhagen, Denmark £6.95
The ultimate 'pudding beer' - coming across somewhere between a cup of coffee and a vanilla milkshake; sweet, smooth and delicious.

The idea here was to create a kind of boozy cold-brew coffee, so you've got a soft, sweet milk stout with a healthy dose of Bold Street espresso.

MAD HATTER | UNHINGED AMBER | 7.4% | Liverpool, UK £5.40
More Mad Hatter jiggery-pokery, this time adding an unhinged amount of citrus-heavy aromatic hops to a solid bitter amber base.

ODELL | 90 SHILLING ALE | 5.3% | Fort Collins, Colorado £5
Scottish brown ale via America.  Lots of charred malt body and a lasting bitterness

ERDINGER | DUNKEL | 5.3% | Erding, Germany £5
The famous German weissbier but brewed with plenty of charred toasty malts.  Like drinking a slice of brown bread.

MIKKELLER | SPONTANSAUTERNES | 5% | Copenhagen, Denmark £10.50
An extra special and incredibly complex Lambic-style sour from Mikkeller's small-run spontaneous fermentation series; here the beer sees extended aging in oak barrels used to make Bordeaux's most famous sweet wine.  This is still searingly tart, but the barrel is definitely giving it something.  Will make your scalp tingle.