Bread basket, French butter       £2.50
Olives (Nocellara, Cerignola & Gaeta)     £3.00
Hummus, dukkah, sumac       £2.50
Marinated anchovies, parsley, lemon, chilli     £3.25
Broad bean puree, radishes, lemon oil     £3.00

Today's soup £4.50
Aubergine, ricotta, honey, thyme £6.75
Heritage beetroot, harissa, labneh, walnuts £6.95
Sweet potato, pomegranate, peanuts £6.95
Mussels, white wine, tarragon  £7.50
Reliance black pudding, home cured bacon, new potatoes, poached egg £7.50
Toulouse sausage, mash, onion gravy £8.50
Smoked bacon chop, fried egg, chips £8.95
Erdinger battered haddock & twice cooked chips £10.75

Home-cured charcuterie boards

We produce all our charcuterie right here in The Reliance using Yorkshire
rare breed pork & traditional techniques
Choose what you'd like from the charcuterie blackboard                            per item £3.00

Reliance meat & cheese board     £10.25
 - select two items of charcuterie and two cheeses from today's selection      


Fish finger butty with tartare sauce & leaves on white breadcake £5.25
Home roast ham, cheddar cheese & chutney on ciabatta £4.95
Avocado, boiled egg & sumac on ciabatta £5.95
Reliance salami, pesto mayonnaise & rocket on ciabatta £5.95


Greens, chilli & hazelnut butter £3.50
Twice cooked chips £3.00
Celeriac, fennel & kohlrabi slaw £3.00
Mash £3.50
Heirloom potatoes, bay, thyme, lemon £3.50
Dressed leaves £3.25

Please ask a member of staff for information regarding allergens in our dishes
All of our fresh meat has been reared in Yorkshire. All of our eggs are Yorkshire free range
Service not included