Supper menu- served from 5pm Monday - Saturday


Home made rosemary focaccia     £3.00
Olives (Nocellara, Cerignola & Gaeta)     £3.25
Hummus, dukkah, sumac       £3.00
Anchovies, lemon, smoked paprika     £3.75
Baba ganoush, pomegranate, mint     £3.50
Homemade pork scratchings       £2.00
Reliance home-cured charcuterie, bread, pickles   per item £3.25
We produce all of our charcuterie right here in The Reliance using Yorkshire rare breed pork  
& traditional techniques & recipes. See the blackboard for today's selection.  

Smaller plates

Today's soup        £4.95
Sardines, zhoug, kisir salad       £7.95
Cheese and ham agnolotti, sage butter     £7.95
Heirloom tomatoes, goats cheese mousse, basil, black olive £7.25
Beetroot, spring onion and dill fritters, tahini dipping sauce £7.25
British buffalo mozzarella, gin soaked cucumber, borage cress £7.95
Cured mackerel, dill, apple, cucumber     £7.75
Courgettes, Yorkshire halloumi, za'atar, mint     £7.25
Bigger plates            

Erdinger battered haddock & twice cooked chips       £12.50
Toulouse sausage, braised lentils, herb crumb       £12.95
Old spot ribeye, rainbow chard, hazelnute & parlsey relish £15.25
Cod, leeks, smoked roe cream         £15.95
Gnocchi, courgette, basil, tomato, Ticklemore goats cheese     £13.50
Confit duck, cotechino, broad beans         £15.95

Greens, chilli & hazelnut butter £3.50
Twice cooked chips   £3.50
Chantenay carrots, almond gremolata   £3.50
Mash     £3.50
Sharpes express potatoes, garlic, rosemary £3.25
Dressed leaves £3.25
Please ask a member of staff for information regarding allergens in our dishes
All of our fresh meat has been reared in Yorkshire. All of our eggs are Yorkshire free range

Service not included