Our Sunday menu changes weekly depending on what's available but will always have a our famous roasts alongside a selection of dishes from or regular weekly menu.  

Below is a sample menu to give you an idea of what will be available.


Cicchetti (Complimentary with any aperitivo)
Butternut squash and parmesan arancini £2.00
sulphites/gluten/egg/dairy (v)
Heritage radishes, aioli, garlic crumbs £2.00
egg/gluten/mustard (v, df)
Tapenade, garlic crostini £2.00
gluten (v, vg, df)

Mixed olives (v, vg, df, gf) £3.25
Bread, olive oil & balsamic vinegar £2.00
gluten/sulphites (v, vg, df)
Charcuterie, pickles, bread £3.75
gluten/sulphites/mustard (df)
Marinated anchovies, garlic, lemon and chilli £3.75
fish/sulphites (df, gf)
Hummus, dukkah, sumac £3.25
sesame/nuts (v, vg, df, gf)
Roast squash, chickpeas, tahini £3.25
sesame (v, vg, df, gf)
Slow roast tomato, ricotta, pesto £3.50
dairy (v, gf)

Small plates
Cavatelli, tomato, ricotta, capers, pesto £7.50
gluten/egg/dairy/sulphites (v)
Beetroot, blue cheese, candied walnuts, watercress £7.25
dairy/nuts/mustard/sulphites (v, gf)
Deep fried cauliflower, curry leaves, spiced yoghurt £6.95
dairy/gluten/sesame (v)
Confit mackerel, onions, black olive £7.50
fish/sulphites (df, gf)
Duck and sultana filo parcel, apricot harissa £7.75

Old spot ribeye, Hispi cabbage, fermented plum £16.00
celery/sulphites/dairy (gf)
Hanger steak, rainbow chard, bordelaise sauce £17.50
dairy/celery/sulphites (gf)
Heirloom squash, Romanesco, tabbouleh, labneh, pumpkin seeds £13.00
gluten/dairy (v)
Chalk stream trout, fennel, peppers, capers £16.75
fish/sulphites (df, gf)
North sea cod, Jerusalem artichoke, crispy capers £17.25
milk/fish/sulphites (gf)

All served with greens, carrots, roast potato, gravy & a Yorkshire pudding
Loin of pork £13.50
Shoulder of lamb £13.95
Topside of beef £13.95
Reliance nut roast £11.95

Chips (v, vg, df, gf) £3.00
Rocket, parmesan, balsamic onions £3.50
sulphites/dairy (v, gf)
Crushed roots £3.25
celery (v, vg, df, gf)
Greens, leeks, chilli and hazelnut butter £3.25
dairy/nuts (v, gf… can be made vg, df on request)
Sauteed potatoes, red onion, rosemary £3.25
dairy (v, gf… can be made vg, df on request)

Cheese, crackers, celery, chutney £6.00
dairy/gluten/celery (v)
Toffee apple cheesecake £6.00
gluten/dairy/eggs (v)
Plum and almond tart, crème fraiche £6.00
dairy/eggs/gluten/nuts (v)
Chocolate pot, hazelnut praline, shortbread £6.00
soy/dairy/nuts (v)