Smaller plates  
Roast sprouts, onion, pomegranate, tahini dressing, baharat sesame (v vg df gf) 7.25
Sweet potato, tsire, peanuts, coriander peanuts (v vg df gf) 6.95
Parsnip and walnut fritters, blue cheese dip gluten/egg/dairy/nuts (v) 7.25
Smoked haddock chowder, seaweed soda bread fish/gluten/dairy/celery 7.75
Pigeon, radish, shiitake, quince ketchup sulphites (df gf) 8.25
Bigger plates  
Haddock and chips, mushy peas, tartar sauce fish/gluten/egg/sulphites/mustard (df) 13.5
Grilled cauliflower, pickled sultanas, roast garlic, freekah nuts/sulphites/gluten (v vg df) 13
Chicken, Jerusalem artichoke pancetta dairy/celery/sulphites (gf) 17.25
Cod, cucumber, dill, seaweed butter sauce fish/dairy/sulphites (gf) 17.25
Pork chop, red cabbage, sauce Charcutière celery/sulphite/mustard (gf df) 16.75
Chips (v vg df gf) 3
Winter leaves, walnuts, truffle dressing, parmesan sulphites/dairy/nuts (v gf) 3.75
Greens, leeks, chilli and hazelnut butter nuts/dairy (v gf… can be done vg df on request) 3.25
Roast garlic mashed potato dairy (v gf) 3.25
Chantenay carrots, sumac, sesame sesame (v vg df gf) 3.25
Cropwell bishop stilton, honey, walnuts, celery dairy/nuts/gluten/celery 6
Spotted dick, whisky syrup, custard gluten/egg/dairy (v) 6
Chocolate terrine, hazelnut praline, espresso sauce soya/dairy/nuts (v gf) 6
Raspberry and coconut mousse, coconut shortbread nuts/gluten (v vg df) 6
v - Vegetarian, vg - vegan, df - dairy free, gf - gluten free  
All of our fresh meat has been reared in Yorkshire  
All of our eggs are Yorkshire free range  
Service not included