As we enter tier 3 restrictions, The Reliance will remain open as usual for Lunch & Supper. Unfortunately we will no longer be able to accept bookings for drinks only from Monday November 2nd

Sunday Menu

Sunday Menu November 1st  
Small plates  
Home-cured charcuterie, pickles (gf,df) £5.50
Buffalo mozzarella, fennel, mint, chilli (v,gf) £7.50
Jerusalem artichokes, garlic, hazelnut, parsley, ricotta (v,gf) £6.95
Cauliflower, almond, lemon, capers, herbs (ve,gf) £6.95
Lambs liver, pancetta, onion, sage (gf) £7.75
Cornish sardines, roast tomato, pickled red onion (df,gf) £7.75
Large plates  
Pheasant, cabbage, quince, jus (df,gf) £15.75
Blade of beef Bourguignon, mash (gf) £15.95
Roast squash, baharat, labneh, spelt, pomegranate (v) £12.95
Fish stew: coley, mussels, squid, aioli, croutes (df) £14.95
Sausage and mash, grilled onions, ale gravy £12.95
Erdinger battered haddock & twice cooked chips (df no tartare) £12.50
(All served with roast potatoes, greens, leeks, roast carrots, Yorkshire pudding & gravy.)  
Roast topside of beef £13.95
Roast free Range Chicken £13.50
Roast shoulder of lamb £13.95
Nut roast (v) (Vegan without leeks & Yorkshire pud) £11.95
Kale, garlic, lemon and chilli (ve,gf) £3.50
Crushed roots (v,gf) £3.50
Twice cooked chips (ve, gf, df) £3.50
Potato mash (v) £3.50
Banoffee pie (v) £5.25
Plum and almond tart, creme fraiche £5.50
Whisky sponge, custard £5.50
Baron Bigod Brie, apple, chutney, crackers (v) £5.25
(v=Vegetarian, ve=Vegan, df=Dairy Free, gf=Gluten Free)  
Please ask a member of staff for information regarding allergens in our dishes
Please note that all our menus are subject to change on the day.