FIZZ 125ml glass 175ml glass 500ml carafe Bottle
NV 11% Le Arche | Prosecco Spumante | Veneto, Italy £5.35     £29.00
  Prosecco: easily the nation's favourite sparkling wine that surely needs no introduction from us.        
2019 10.5% Le Moss | Glera | Veneto, Italy(Vegan)       £32.00
  Piles of apple, citrus & floral notes in this naturally cloudy, thirst-quenching fizz. We love it!        
NV 12.5% Joséphine' Crémant | Chardonnay, Chenin blanc, Mauzac | Languedoc, France(Vegan)       £44.00
  Delightfully dry sparkling, fresh pear and apple fruit against a rich & nutty structure.        
  WHITE 125ml glass 175ml glass 500ml carafe Bottle
2020 12% Alasia | Cortese | Piemonte, Italy (Vegan) £3.75 £5.30 £14.95 £21.00
  Clean, fresh and super easy house white by the glass, bottle or as an aperitif.        
2020 12% Andersbrook| Chenin Blanc | Western Cape, South Africa (Vegan) £4.20 £5.80 £16.10 £22.50
  Savoury baked apples in this easy drinking, medium bodied wine. Still a nice balancing acidity with a long, creamy finish. Can't go wrong.        
2020 13% Free Run Juice 'Samurai' | Chardonnay | South Western Australia(Vegan)       £24.00
  Great value organic chardonnay; bold, ripe, creamy & tropical without tons of oak. Hooray!        
2020 13% St. John 'Picpoul de Pinet' | Picpoul | Languedoc, France £5.00 £6.85 £19.75 £27.90
  Absolute classic Picpoul: clean citrus and melon with a hint of saltiness and fresh acidity.        
2020 12.5% Judith Beck | Weissburgunder | Gols, Austria(Vegan) £5.30 £7.60 £21.20 £30.50
  Showing rich and fleshy apricot with a hint of honey and a lovely line of acidity. Highly drinkable pinot blanc from this biodynamic winemaker.        
2020 12.5% Mikael Bouges 'French Clara' | Sauvignon Blanc | Loire, France(Vegan) £6.10 £8.60 £24.50 £35.35
  A much riper wine than you would expect from a Loire sauvignon. Rounded & delicious with a refreshing minerality & a leaning of tropical fruits. Organically farmed in Touraine on mineral rich soil with only a small amount of sulphites added at bottling, imported exclusively by Wayward Wines.        
NV 12.5%  Orsi San Vito 'Posca Bianca' |Pignoletto | Emilia-Romagna, Italy(Vegan)       £38.00
  Savoury, nutty, fresh & zesty- we love this wine! Frederico calls this his 'perpetual cuvee'; pignoletto in tank topped up with up to 10 different vintages, perpetually changing but always similar.         
2020 12% Arianna Occhipinti ’SP68' | Zibibbo & Albanello | Vittoria, Sicily(Vegan)       £39.00
  An exotic, intense wine here full of musky perfume, pithy citrus and wild fennel. Seriously aromatic with a salty twang and a pleasing, pronounced tea-like bitterness.         
2020 12.5% Kelley Fox 'Willamette Blanc' |Pinot Noir & Chardonnay| Oregon, USA (Vegan)       £47.00
  This Blanc de Noirs is youthful & brilliantly transparent with a slight hue of rose-gold. A carefully crafted wine, with the pinot aged on the lees in steel & the chardonnay aged in old Burgundy barrels. Fresh salty ocean air on the nose & hints of citrus, blossom & strawberry on the finish        
  ORANGE / SKIN CONTACT 125ml glass 175ml glass 500ml carafe Bottle
2019 11.5% Pol Opuesto 'El Otro Lado' |Torrontes | Mendoza, Argentina(Vegan) £7.00 £9.45 £27.10 £40.00
  Seriously floral Argentinian orange. 100% Torrontes with 10 months on the skin. Apricot yoghurt & quince hit you first with a long stone fruit finish.        
2016 12.5% La Stoppa 'Ageno' | Malvasia, Ortrugo, Trebbiano | Emilia-Romagna, Italy(Vegan)       £51.00
  Such a beautiful wine! An absolute must for the orange-wine addicts who haven't yet tried.  The maceration here is long, around a month, leaving the tannins deep, complex & mouth-coating. Bags of spice, citrus & floral character with a fuller mouth feel from some time in old French barriques        
  RED 125ml glass 175ml glass 500ml carafe Bottle
2020 13% Ancora | Sangiovese | Puglia, Italy(Vegan) £3.75 £5.30 £14.95 £21.00
  Soft, plummy fruits and gentle spice - your obliging house red        
2020 14% Free Run Juice 'Samurai' | Shiraz | South West Australia(Vegan) £4.40 £6.20 £17.50 £24.00
  Aussie Shiraz showing uncharacteristic restraint! The grapes retaining their freshness and given time in old oak to soften their edges.        
2020 13% Mezzogiorno | Primitivo | Puglia, Italy(Vegan) £4.65 £6.45 £18.30 £27.00
  Perfect autumnal tipple. Cassis, cracked pepper, dusty tannins and a whiff of anise in this fuller bodied, concentrated primitivo.        
2019 14.5% Château Ollieux-Romanis 'Classique Rouge' |Corbières | Languedoc, France £4.90 £6.95 £19.30 £27.50
  A blend of  Grenache, Mouvedre, Carignan & Syrah bringing a big & juicy number from the west Langudedoc. Blueberries on the nose & a lingering spice. Aged in steel for 18 months all fruit & no oak.        
2020 13% Gaec du Mazel 'Cuvee Briand' |Grenache |Valvignieres, Ardèche, France(Vegan)       £36.00
  A great example of how this varietal can express itself in this part of the world. Red, spicy fruit laced with a perfume full of wild fennel and clove and a balancing acidity. Imported exclusively by Wayward Wines.         
2019 12.5% Pierre Borel 'Clos de Pavée' Bourgueil | Cabernet Franc | Loire, France(Vegan) £6.30 £8.90 £25.50 £37.00
  This is a young, crunchy Bourgueil with lots of bright cranberry and cherry fruit, plenty of the herbaceous capsicum notes you'd expect from the grape and the finish has plenty of bitterness and dark chocolate. Imported exclusively by Wayward Wines.        
2020 13% Elisa Guerin Beaujolais-Villages | Gamay | Chénas, France       £38.00
  This old vine gamay is Supremely drinkable, with a nose of crushed peppercorns followed by some deep black cherry fruit and a lively lick of acidity, all underpinned with stony minerals. A lip-smacking wine of immediate pleasure, with so much going on. Imported exclusively by Wayward Wines.        
2019 13% Remi & Patricia Bonneton 'Potion' | Carignan | Étables, Ardèche, France(Vegan)       £39.00
  Delicious, inky, generous Carignan, made in Étables with negociant-bought grapes. This is full of inviting herbaceous fruits with good structure and gentle tannins. Imported exclusively by Wayward Wines.        
2019 14% Ar.Pe.Pe. 'Rosso di Valtellina' | Nebbiolo | Lombardy, Italy (Vegan)       £43.00
  This wine has been a firm favourite here for many years now. This old vine Alpine Nebbiolo is unique in style compared to heavier neighbouring Barolo's. Pure, pale & elegant with notes of sour cherry & clove        
2018 13.5% St. John Claret | Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc| Bordeaux, France     (MAGNUM) £70.00
  The perfect centrepiece to your big feast.  Big and toasty Bordeaux in the classic style; dark fruits and those elusive winespeak pencil shavings        
  PINK 125ml glass 175ml glass 500ml carafe Bottle
2020 12.5% St. John 'Beausoleil Rosé' |Cotes de Thau | Languedoc, France £5.00 £6.95 £19.65 £29.00
  Breezy rosé of Grenache.  Raspberry & strawberry fruits with something nice and peachy in there too.        
2020 13% Gaec du Mazel 'MazelRoz' | Merlot, Syrah, Carignan, Grenache | Valvignieres, Ardeche, France(Vegan)       £36.00
  A rich rose of substance: ripe, juicy red fruit and a lick of raspberry balsamic. There's a little residual sugar here too along with a lovely gentle spritz. Imported exclusively by Wayward Wines.        
  SWEET Glass      
2018 17% SIVIPA | Moscatel de Setúbal | Setúbal, Portugal(Vegetarian) £4.50      
  Apricot & orange-packed local Portuguese Muscat varietal, fortified with grape spirit to winter-warming effect        
NV 16.5% Mauro Vergano 'Chinato' | Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Italy £6.50      
  Chinato is a traditional Piemontese digesif - Nebbiolo from Barbaresco infused with quinine, cardamom, ginseng and a host of other botanicals.        
NV 16% Mauro Vergano 'Luli' | Moscato | Piedmont, Italy £6.50      
  Mauro's twist on the above, here using a white grape - Moscato from Asti, blended with lemon, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. The only white Chinato!        
2020 8.5% Hans Tschida 'Auslese' | Gewürztraminer, Weissburgunder & others | Burgenland, Austria £5.50      
  Hans has 25 hectares of vineyards in the quaint winemaking town of Illmitz on the right bank of Neusiedlersee. Foggy autumn mornings giving way to dry sunny afternoons, producing perfect conditions for the development of botrytis