FIZZ 125ml glass 175ml glass 500ml carafe Bottle
NV Le Arche | Prosecco Spumante | Veneto, Italy  £5.30     £27.00
  Prosecco: easily the nation's favourite sparkling wine that surely needs no introduction from us        
2019 Le Moss | Glera | Veneto, Italy       £29.50
  Piles of apple, citrus & floral notes in this naturally cloudy, thirst-quenching fizz.. We love it!        
NV Joséphine' Crémant | Chardonnay, Chenin blanc, Mauzac | Languedoc, France       £38.00
  Delightfully dry sparkling, fresh pear and apple fruit against a rich & nutty structure         
  WHITE 125ml glass 175ml glass 500ml carafe Bottle
2019 Alasia | Cortese | Piemonte, Italy  £3.70 £5.20 £14.75 £19.75
  Clean, fresh and super easy house white by the glass, bottle or as an aperitif.        
2019 Free Run Juice 'Samurai' | Chardonnay | South Western Australia £4.20  £5.90  £16.75  £23.00
  Great value organic chardonnay; bold, ripe, creamy & tropical without tons of oak. Hooray!        
2017 Poggio Anima 'Gabriel' | Pecorino | Abruzzo, Italy £4.40 £6.15 £17.50 £25.00
  An Abruzzo classic; salty citrus zest and white peach with a lovely, soft floral quality        
2018 Mikael Bouges 'Pente de Chavigny'  | Sauvignon Blanc | Loire, France £5.60  £7.80  £22.20  £31.75
  A much riper wine than you would expect from a Loire sauvignon, Noella uses fully ripened organic fruit, native yeasts & some time in old oak for a textured, broad & rounded Sauvvy-B.        
2019 La Salada 'Disbarats' | Macabeu & Xarel-lo | Catalonia, Spain       £33.00
  Fresh, light & mineral driven with a nice line of acidity & texture from it's time in concrete. All of Toni's wines are organically grown and have never been treated with chemicals.        
2018 Sous le Végétal ‘Livia’ | Muscat de Samos | Samos, Greece       £39.75
  A collaboration between the notorious Patrick Bouju and Greek winemaker Jason Ligas. Aromatic and herbaceous with great tension from volcanic soils.        
2017 La Distesa 'Gli Eremi' Marche Bianco | Verdicchio | Marche, Italy       £43.00
  Old-vine Verdicchio from a vineyard strewn with marine deposits. A beautiful gold in the glass, boldly structured, with notes of almond and wildflowers.        
  ORANGE / SKIN-CONTACT WHITE 125ml glass 175ml glass 500ml carafe Bottle

Cataldo Calabretta 'Ansonica' | Ansonica| Calbria, Italy

£5.75 £8.00 £23.00 £33.00
  White flowers on the nose, rich yet saline on the palate. Organically grown delight from Southern Italy.        
2018 L'Alezan 'Metonymia' Blanc | Marsanne, Roussanne & Viognier | Ardèche, France       £39.75
  Curiously tea-like character with loads of apricot stone fruit; a note of eucalyptus lifts the tailnote. Imported exclusively by Wayward Wines.        
  PINK 125ml glass 175ml glass 500ml carafe Bottle
2020 St. John 'Beausoleil Rosé' | Cotes de Thau | Languedoc, France £4.75 £6.75 £18.75 £26.00
  Breezy rosé of Grenache.  Raspberry & strawberry fruits with something nice and peachy in there too.        
  RED 125ml glass 175ml glass 500ml carafe Bottle
2017 Carlotta | Sangiovese | Puglia, Italy £3.65 £5.15 £14.65 £19.50
  Soft, plummy fruits and gentle spice - your obliging house red        
2019 Free Run Juice 'Samurai' | Shiraz | South West Australia £4.25 £5.95 £16.95 £23.00
  Aussie Shiraz showing uncharacteristic restraint! The grapes retaining their freshness and given time in old oak to soften their edges.        
2019 Poggio Anima 'Asmodeus' | Nero d'Avola | Sicily, Italy £4.50 £6.20 £17.75 £25.00
  Ripe plums, cherries & leather with a touch of candied berry & a liquorice note.         
2019 Fattoria Di Vaira 'Vincenzo Rosso' | Montepulciano, Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot | Molise, Italy       £28.00
  A satisfiyingly rugged & rustic biodynamic Italian pleaser. Notes of cherry & plum partner a certain freshness.
2019 Pierre Borel 'Clos de Pavée' Bourgueil | Cabernet Franc | Loire, France  £6.00  £8.60 £25.00  £35.00
  A young Bourgueil with no barrel-ageing and a fragrant nose of cherry, graphite and capsicum. Imported exclusively by Wayward Wines.        
2018 Mikael Bouges 'Les Couilles d'Anes' | Cot | Loire, France       £37.00
  A wonderfully detailed, precise expression of Malbec, with compact blue and violet fruits, pretty aromatics and pronounced minerality. Imported exclusively by Wayward Wines.        
2019 Kelley Fox 'Mirabai' | Pinot Noir | Oregon, USA       £49
  This youthful old vine Pinot noir delivers a nose full of strawberry with some silky spice & beautiful length.        
  SWEET 50ml Glass 75ml glass   Bottle
2015 SIVIPA | Moscatel de Setúbal | Setúbal, Portugal (750ml bottle)    £4.00   £35.00
  Apricot & orange-packed local Portuguese Muscat varietal, fortified with grape spirit to winter-warming effect        
NV Mauro Vergano 'Chinato' | Nebbiolo | Piedmont, Italy (500ml bottle) £6.00     £55.50
  Chinato is a traditional Piemontese digesif - Nebbiolo from Barbaresco infused with quinine, cardamom, ginseng and a host of other botanicals        
NV Mauro Vergano 'Luli' | Moscato | Piedmont, Italy (500ml bottle) £6.00     £55.50
  Mauro's twist on the above, here using a white grape - Moscato from Asti, blended with lemon, vanilla, cloves and cinnamon. The only white chinato!        
  MAGNUMS (Are there a few of you? A magnum holds twelve glasses)       Bottle
2017 WHITE: La Biancara 'Masieri' | Garganega & Trebbiano | Veneto, Italy       £58.00
  Wonderfully pulpy and peachy Soave-style large-format bottle at a crazy-good price point. Something for everyone here; open with friends!        
2016 RED: St. John Claret | Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon & Cabernet Franc| Bordeaux, France       £63.00
  The perfect centrepiece to your big feast.  Big and toasty Bordeaux in the classic style; dark fruits and those elusive winespeak pencil shavings